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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Time is Short

How do we spend our time? The rapture is coming, and we don't know the time or the place, but it is coming. People are suffering all over the world, right now. Children are being sold into slavery and prostitution, poor families are forced to choose between food and shelter, lonely hobos are dying gakked out underneath well used bridges. There is death, starvation, worry, sorrow, pain, loneliness, violence in the streets. Women think their value lies in their bodies, children are told that goodness is a performance, men remain stolid whilst the turmoil and heartache builds up inside. People are being born and people are dying without the light of Jesus. And what are we doing with our time? My entrails are turning inside me. My God is within me, yearning to come out, but I don't have enough faith to put myself in his hands. What am I doing with my time!?

Outside our churches the world is exploding with horror. What are we doing with our time? There is no time. Each movie, each book, each video game, each hour on facebook, each inspirational but ultimately unprovoking church service brings us closer to closing time. The master is coming home and we have not kept house. We need to be praying, fasting, doing works unto the Lord, talking about Him, testifying. If I can think of no other way to serve God than to pray, then so be it. But instead of watching a movie I should pray, instead of being angry that someone lied to me I should pray, instead of complaining that I have to go to work I should go and preach at work, instead of worrying about my bills I should be giving my money away, instead of protecting my self-esteem I should be loving my neighbour, instead of arguing over God's foreknowledge I should be accomplishing His will, instead of ...

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